With over 20 years of car wash technology experience, Willo Wash has been created with the customer in mind.  The service we provide is equal parts fun and function.  All of our wash components are fitted with LED lights to provide a unique visual experience as your car is cleaned with cutting edge equipment.  

Come see what makes Willo Wash different!  Our soft-brush tunnel may be a change of pace from most touchless set-ups, but the unique Neo-tech cloth used in our tunnel is safe and effective.  The material remains rigid throughout the wash process, and doesn't need to rely on centripetal force to extend the cloth.  Hundreds of little cloth "fingers" scrub dirt and road dust from your vehicle with the help of Turtle Wax brand soaps and waxes.  

Don't forget the free vacuums and microfiber towels on your way out! Every wash purchased comes with free use of our vacuums, microfiber towels, and free Turtle Wax glass cleaner.

Willo Wash has been locally owned and operated for over 25 years.